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AeroFlow® electric heater with fireclay storage core

Surface storage heaters with a fireclay storage core combine the advantages of classic storage heating with those of direct heating. They heat up quickly and maintain heat without the need for electricity.

The heart of our AeroFlow® surface storage heater is the specially developed internal firebrick. It in turn contains the heating conductors. In contrast to conventional electric heaters, it is not the steel jacket that is heated but the stone.

The heat enters the room directly via the slats above. At the same time, the warm storage stone draws in cold air from below, heats it up, and releases it back into the room at the top – so-called convection heat.

When the desired room temperature, which you enter via the thermostat, is reached, the radiator switches off and the firebrick continues to emit heat without consuming electricity.

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Product features

  • Favorable acquisition costs
  • No follow-up costs for maintenance and chimney sweeps
  • 100% energy conversion
  • Best possible convection
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers
  • As additional heating or main heating
  • Inexpensive replacement for old night storage heaters
  • 30-year manufacturer guarantee
  • Including wall bracket
  • Individually controllable, also via free app *
  • Space-saving, as there are no tanks etc. necessary
  • Ideal for buildings without heating pipe systems
  • Ideal for passive houses and low-energy houses
  • Can be integrated into PV systems
  • No dust distribution or other dirt
  • Noiseless and odorless
  • Made in Germany

Modern, energy-saving surface storage heating with a high-density storage core made of firebrick and the specially developed AeroFlow® manufacturing process are also suitable as a replacement for night storage heaters.

We promise a comfortable and even combination of convection heat and radiant heat for a comfortable indoor climate.

No air turbulence from fans or ventilators. Short heating-up phase and long heat storage thanks to the 2 cm thick fireclay storage core (approx. 40 minutes of heat storage in a heated room).

Thermal overheating protection for your safety. Robust steel with high-quality powder coating in RAL 9010 pure white on the heater. Odorless and noiseless operation as well as maintenance-free, long-lasting electric heaters – we guarantee you the heating performance of AeroFlow® technology for 30 years!

All electric storage heaters are supplied with a connection cable of at least 1.5 m and a safety plug – suitable for any socket (230 volts).

The wall bracket including fastening material is included in the scope of delivery – you can decide for yourself: the thermostat and connection cable can be hung on the left or right.

FlexiSmart controller

  • Display controller directly on the device
  • Manual temperature control via the display
  • Manage each electric heater separately
  • Establish an efficient schedule
  • Optionally smart controllable via app *

One controller, three options for even more heating comfort

With our controller type FlexiSmart, the display is located directly on the radiator. When delivered, manual control is active. The desired temperature is controlled using the arrow keys. When this is reached, the heating switches off automatically.

In addition, you can set your individual heating plan for the device on this digital thermostat. For example, to warm up the room while you are still on your way home. Adjust the switch-on and switch-off times of the heating individually to your personal daily routine and enjoy the heating comfort of a special kind.

It’s even more convenient with our app: Simply download it, connect the FlexiSmart thermostat to the internet module and you can control the radiator from wherever and whenever you want.

The controller is suitable for all living rooms, holiday apartments, offices, storage rooms, production rooms, and much more.

* the required internet module for FlexiSmart controllers must be ordered separately.

Possible uses of electric heaters as additional or main heating in:

  • Garden shed
  • Gazebo
  • Dining room
  • Attic
  • Bungalow
  • Passive house
  • Energy-saving house
  • Stairwell
  • Hallway
  • Office
  • Office container
  • Workshop
  • Storage room
  • Garden


pdf iconUser Manual – FlexiSmart Electric Radiator

Thermotec AG

For more than 20 years, Thermotec AG has been developing and producing the most modern electric heaters for worldwide use in the heart of Europe. Thermotec AG engineers aim for the highest possible efficiency and the technicians for the highest quality processing.
  • Future-oriented development team
  • Quality without compromise
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • Long-term manufacturer guarantee
  • Company of the year 2015

At the Thermotec AG headquarters in Vierkirchen, Germany, they manufacture every electric heater from A to Z. That means they cut the fully galvanized steel into precisely fitting pieces and thus form the surface with the flow-optimized fins from one piece. The same happens with the side panels and radiator covers. The individual parts are then powder-coated in a specially developed process.


Thermotec AG was awarded the Entrepreneur’s Prize in 2015.