Electricity consumption of the boiler report

Boiler “Ekoterm 2001 – Vulkan 3F – 15 kW” is installed in September 2018 in test house, which is used as reference for boiler electricity consumption. The house area is 100 m2 and it has 4 household members. Also, test house is stationed in urban area of Kragujevac, Serbia. The heating season began in November 2018 and ended in March 2019.

Note that temperature of 22 to 24°C was maintained during nights and days throughout weekends and more than 90% of working days. Boiler shutdown was quite rare, considering that that house is also inhabited by children and that this is the primary source of heat for the observed object.

In this regard, the generated data are shown in the diagram below.

Ekoterm 2001 Heater electricity consumption report

Note that electricity consumption is highest in January, which is the coldest month of the year. In January 2019 average outside temperature ranged from -1.9 to 0°C. Whereas in other months, the average outside temperature is higher, as shown in the table below.

Month of the year Average temperature range [°C]*
November, 2018 6.1 – 8
December, 2018 2.1 – 4
January, 2019 -1.9 – 0
February, 2019 0.1 – 2
March, 2019 6.1 – 8

* Temperature ranges are taken from monthly newsletters, created by the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute of Serbia..