7 Reasons Why Electric Heating is Better Than Gas


During the winter months, there’s nothing better than snuggling up at home, warm and cozy with your loved ones. Of course, keeping your home toasty comes with a cost. It’s not just the price of your energy bills you need to consider when picking the perfect fuel source, but the impact on the planet, and even on your family’s health too.

If you’re struggling to choose between gas or electric-based heating, you’re in the right place. We’re going to cover some of the most important reasons why electricity generally beats gas as a more efficient, effective, and reliable heating system.

What are the Main Reasons to Choose Electricity over Gas?

Electricity is More Efficient

With energy prices on the rise, it only makes sense to ensure your pick of the perfect heating solution is as efficient as possible. An average of 64.7% of the heating in households throughout the UK and EU goes towards heating, and electricity is generally more efficient than gas at keeping your energy prices as low as possible. While gas heaters can only convert a portion of fuel into heat, electric heaters convert 100% of electricity into heat energy. What’s more, because electricity is versatile (capable of performing a range of tasks), it’s being used in a larger number of homes. This means companies are spending more money on the development of energy-efficient electric heating systems for the future.

Electricity doesn’t pollute

If you’re committed to protecting the planet, switching to an electric heating system could be a good first step. Gas is one of the cleanest fossil fuels we have – but it’s still not the best substance for the environment. There are no by-products produced by electricity, unlike gas, which operates based mainly on combustion. There’s also no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning with an electric heating system.

Easy installation

Electrical heating systems are simpler, and often cheaper to install than a full gas central heating system. This is because your gas central heating system would require a number of ducts, vents, and pipes, which involves far more work. With electric heating systems, there’s no flue or pipework to worry about, and you won’t have to stress over building layout restrictions. All that an electric heating system needs is a connection to the electrical circuit. For new-build properties, this means it’s easy to add electric systems during the second wiring stage. If you’re installing a new heating system in an existing home, it can also be less disruptive and destructive than implementing a gas system.

It’s safer for your health

As mentioned above, an electric heating system doesn’t use combustion or burn fuel to generate heat. This eliminates a range of safety and health risks, from poisoning to explosions. With electric heating systems, there are also no water-filled pipes to worry about, so you’re not going to have to deal with sudden leaks or burst pipes. An electric system could even have a positive impact on your mental health. Because these systems are cheaper, easier, and safer to run, you don’t have to go to bed each night worrying about what happens if something goes wrong with your technology.

Electric heaters are quieter

The last thing you want is for your heating system to be keeping you and your loved ones awake at all hours of the night or distracting you during a movie marathon. Although all kinds of heaters can be designed with quiet operation in mind, gas systems can be a lot noisier due to the movement of hot water running through the pipes. Many people who have lived with gas heating systems before say they often hear the sound of something similar to a “kettle boiling” when they’re running their heaters.

Innovation opportunities

As electricity continues to emerge as the preferred choice of heating technology for a wide range of new and existing homes, the number of companies investing in electric technology is growing. These days, it’s becoming increasingly easy to find a range of innovative electrical tools for your heating needs, including solutions you can control with smart thermostats. Electric heaters can easily be linked to your smartphone and Wi-Fi connection, so you can control the heating in different rooms of your home, or simply turn your heating off when you’re outside of the house. While a handful of these options are available for gas heaters, they’re often less common.

Better long-term value

Finally, not only is electricity more efficient, but it delivers more value in the long term too. Gas might be cheaper than electricity in some situations, but when you consider things like running expenses, maintenance, installation, and even the average life of the product’s lifespan, it becomes evident that electricity is clearly the better choice. The majority of electric heaters require very little maintenance and can last for a lot longer than the average gas system. Combine all this with a cheaper installation process, and you have plenty of ways to save money on energy.

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Electric Heating Makes the Most Sense

Though gas heaters can have their benefits in certain circumstances, the majority of homeowners will benefit from better savings, improved health, and even a reduced impact on the environment with electric heating. An electric heating system will make your home as energy efficient as possible while making sure you’re not wasting money on a complex installation and maintenance system. If you want the most cost-effective way to keep your home warm and comfortable during the colder months of the year, it only makes sense to consider using electricity as your heating fuel.

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