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For bulk Orders, delivery price depends on the total size and weight, Your location, and some other factors, therefore cannot be calculated at the time of order, so we ask You to contact us for an exact price calculation, before placing an Order with Us.

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Accepted payment methods will be suggested to you based on your billing country.

Boilers and Electrical Cabinets are dispatched within 1-3 working days, and shipping is approx. 8-13 working days from the day of dispatch.

Thermoblocks and Heating Amphorae are made to order, their processing time is 2-3 weeks, and the shipping is approx. 1-3 weeks from the day of dispatch.

The stated data represent the expected time of transfer and delivery of shipments. The expected time of transfer does not include the days of receipt of the shipment, Saturday, Sunday and days of state and religious holidays that are celebrated non-working days in the Republic of Serbia, as well as in the destination country.
The expected time of transfer does not include the time of possible detention of the shipment at customs.

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  5. You enjoy the warmth of your home with eco-friendly and economical heating solution.

Yes, you will receive an invoice for your order at the delivery and per email.

Ionization Heating

Monthly consumption of the boiler depends on a large number of factors (the location of the building or apartment, size of the building, the interior design temperature, the thermal insulation of the building, the heat transfer through thermal bridge, the ventilation losses, heat losses through carpentry, the surface of the transparent elements and their orientation to certain sides of the world, solar gain, etc.), these factors determine the energy performance of building or apartment (for this reason the energy performance is predominantly different for each object or apartment).

In order to determine the energy performance of the building, it is necessary to analyze all the above mentioned factors, done by the heating designer / engineer in energetics, that is, in order to know in detail the energy performance of your facility, it is necessary to hire a heating design company.

You can take a look at our Electricity consumption of the boiler report for more information.

The power of the boiler is also determined by the energy performance of the building or apartment. Each product description shows an estimate of the extent to which the maximum surface of the building can be heated by the appropriate boilers; this information should be taken with reservation, since the optimum operating conditions of the boiler are considered. This information is usually provided by the heating installers based on their experience, after looking at your facility or apartment.

The fuses can be ejected for several reasons, and the main ones are:

  • Automatic fuses are consumable and after several ejections, they must be replaced with new ones.
  • Poor quality of automatic fuses.
  • Weakened bimetals are ejected at a lower amperage than declared.
  • Incorrectly adjusted electrolyte in the system.
  • Inadequate washing of the central heating system, so it still contains impurities.
  • The system contains tap water, not distilled (when the system is washed out by the contractor, insert the distilled water into the system, and then add the bicarbonate to the boiler according to the technical instructions to achieve sufficient heating power).
  • Distilled water must be in the system, not rainwater, ordinary water, well water, deionized or demineralized water, as well as other types of water or antifreeze.
  • In case of excessive power (too much sodium bicarbonate in the system), all distilled water from the system must be drained, then the system should be washed with tap water, which is replaced with distilled water afterwards. Further, it is necessary to adhere to the technical instructions for installation (adding sodium bicarbonate, if necessary). Sodium bicarbonate boosts the power of the boiler. Please note that the boiler does not have a heater in it, but it is an electrolyte itself, that is, water in a system with a certain percentage of sodium bicarbonate, according to the instructions. When adjusting the electrolyte, be sure to monitor the operation of the ammeter and the operating parameters specified in the technical instructions.

This type of ionizing boilers work in the base (pH 8 ~ 10) and not in the acidic environment and requires exclusively distilled water in the system. Note that poor quality distilled water is sold to a large extent, so it is necessary for the producers to have a guarantee sheet that it is truly distilled water. In the central heating system, you can check if it is really distilled water by turning boiler on when the system is filled with distilled water, if ammeter shows none or very low amperage (0.5 ~ 1A) then distilled water is valid and can be used. By adding sodium bicarbonate (according to the technical instructions), you generate an electrolyte and, thus, increase the amperage of the boiler.

Generally, distilled water should be contained in all heating systems, but it is mandatory for this system. If you insert tap water of a non-guaranteed chemical composition into the system, this can lead to reduced electrical conductivity of the electrodes (amperage drop). If electrodes get dirty, the boiler should be cleaned of dirt (electrodes and pipes). All metal parts that transfer electricity need to be cleaned, and then return the boiler back to the heating system, completely clean. If the pipes and electrodes are damaged due to impurities or stones of larger volume, so that their degradation has occurred, it is necessary to replace them with new ones (contact us).

Due to the operation of the boiler in the acid environment (in the event that the heating installer inadequately washed and cleaned the heating system with certain chemicals, which he determined on the spot depending on the installation material), oxidation of electrodes, corrosion or even the formation of sludge may occur on the boiler itself or the installation. This can be noticed by the fact that the amperage (power) of the boiler will drop and the boiler will not reach the required temperature. Note that the company « Ekoterm 2001 » is not responsible for systems that are not adequately prepared before their use. Only the proper interpretation and installation of the heating installer can provide safe, permanent operation of the boiler and save up to 45% compared to standard electric boilers.

Setting the boiler temperature is done with room and operating thermostats. These are standard thermostats that measure the temperature – room temperature and the operating temperature of the liquid in the central heating system. The operation of the boiler depends to a large extent on the operation of the thermostat. Low quality thermostats can lead to increased power consumption, as they supply the boiler with delayed information. The best are digital thermostats with high accuracy:

  • Room with hysteresis of 1 ⁰C ± 0.1 ÷ 0.2 ⁰C;
  • Operating with the hysteresis 2 ÷ 4 ⁰C ± 0.5 ⁰C;

We offer tested and precise thermostats.

Setting the temperature of the boiler is of great importance for the boiler’s electricity consumption and it is very important to operate with them properly.

The heat exchanger should be used where it is required to heat the sanitary water, if there are very dirty central heating systems and where the boiler electrodes are intensively collecting impurities, or in systems where the secondary system requires antifreeze or other fluid (cottages and houses that are occasionally heated and need to be protected from low temperatures).

Electronics is necessary. Devices such as contact switches, ammeters and fuses are necessary. We have already packed the required components in a cabinet and specially adapted it for each type of a boiler. Complete cabinet can be ordered from our shop under the « Electrical cabinets » category.

AeroFlow Electric Radiators

AeroFlow electric heaters are an alternative wherever no other heating system (oil, gas) is available or cannot be retrofitted. It can also be used as additional heating, for example in combination with a stove or wood/coal firing.

  • garden and holiday homes
  • guest room
  • conservatory
  • subsequently developed rooms (e.g.: attic)
  • workshop, garage
  • construction containers, exhibition stands, sales stands
  • basement, hobby rooms
  • etc
  • comparatively low acquisition costs
  • work wherever there is a socket
  • no specialist required for assembly and installation
  • no heating pipes need to be laid
  • no need to store fuel
  • optimal controllability, short heating-up times, pleasant warmth
  • odorless, no fine dust pollution – reduction of allergy and asthma risk
  • maintenance-free and durable
  • no costs for chimney sweeps
  • flexible and mobile use with a trolley or feet (put away/stow away over spring/summer)

A heating system based on electricity is very common internationally, especially in France, Great Britain, Italy and China. The avoidance of soot particles and fine dust contributes to a significantly better room and house climate and thus reduces the risk of allergies and asthma, especially in growing children.

Heating fuels such as gas and oil are expected to become significantly more expensive in the long term due to declining resource stocks. The electricity price, on the other hand, has been subject to a downward trend for almost 10 years, but it remains largely stable for the end consumer, since, for example, the surcharge for the expansion of renewable energies is regularly increased. 

If your electricity provider offers electricity from 100% renewable energies (wind, water, photovoltaic), you would heat your house or apartment without polluting the environment. They produce no particulate matter and no greenhouse gases, especially CO2. In this way, you do not heat your rooms at the expense of the environment, but rather help to save resources for future generations and to preserve nature.

The AeroFlow technology consists of an ideal combination of specially shaped slats and the most modern, high-density fireclay bricks with excellent heat retention. AeroFlow thus ensures efficient energy conversion into heat and a pleasant room climate through radiant heat and convection heat.

The AeroFlow electric heaters are not in constant operation, but only for the duration of the heating (approx. 20 minutes per hour when the room is already heated), after which they switch off and only use the stored heat to generate heat. Depending on the setting, the surface temperature of the AeroFlow electric heaters reaches 30 to 65 °C.

With AeroFlow electric heaters you can choose between two different controls:

  • Programmable wireless controller FlexiComfortApp, several heaters can be controlled with a separate wireless thermostat (optional: extension of the wireless controller with a SmartHomeBox/domotics interface to control the radiators via an app on a smartphone or tablet PC)
  • FlexiSmart multi-controller: can be used like a rotary controller (+/- buttons), integrated digital LCD display: heating plan can be programmed directly on the device or with Intermodul* via app** (* not included; ** free of charge, no subscription)

The manufacturer provides a functional guarantee on the heating element and the body of the radiator for 30 years from the date of first sale. The manufacturer grants a 2-year guarantee on the thermostats and controllers from the date of initial sale. The statutory warranty rights of the purchaser continue to exist in addition to the manufacturer’s guarantee. 

You have a right of withdrawal of 14 days. If you make use of this, you may incur costs for the return transport.  

In the event of a complaint, our sales team will be happy to help you. You can download the warranty information sheet here: Warranty Registration

First fill it out carefully and send it to us by e-mail. We will then contact you as soon as possible. If you complain about side parts or accessories, a replacement product will be sent to you. You can use the enclosed return slip to send the defective part back in its packaging.

The packaging of the electric heaters should be kept until the final and satisfactory functional test, in case of a complaint.

The AeroFlow electric heaters are connected to the electricity via a socket. Alternatively, there is the possibility of integrating the electric heaters directly into the circuit; an electrician should be called in for this.

No, the AeroFlow electric heaters run on the normal electricity tariff and the standard electricity meter.

If several AeroFlow electric heaters are connected to the same circuit, its capacity and design must be checked and the circuit protection must be guaranteed. An electrician should be consulted for this.

The supplied wall bracket, consisting of two struts, is fixed in the masonry with two dowels and strong screws. These are included with instructions. For fastening to wood, drywall or other materials, it is advisable to purchase suitable fastening material from a specialist dealer or hardware store. Please seek advice on site regarding the dimensions and weight of the AeroFlow electric heaters.
In any case, pay attention to the course of the power lines in the flush-mounting when choosing the height of the lower screws in order to avoid damage to the power lines.

Possible alternatives to the standard wall mount can be found in the accessories section.

If the AeroFlow electric heaters are attached to the wall bracket, the following distances result:

  • from the floor approx. 8 cm (height can be flexibly selected);
  • from the wall about 3 cm;
  • to the windowsill approx. 10 cm (flexible depending on the mounting height, the AeroFlow electric heaters do not necessarily have to be mounted under the windows).

The bathroom radiators are flexible when choosing the mounting height, the distance to the floor is usually 20 – 30 cm, the distance to the wall approx. 8 cm.

The energy consumption depends largely on your personal consumption behavior and heat requirements. As with any other type of heating, the following factors also play a role:

  • thermal insulation of the room
  • room size
  • outside temperature
  • set internal temperature
  • number, size and insulation of the windows
  • performance of the installed radiators
  • other devices in the room (e.g. refrigerators)

Energy consumption can be optimized thanks to the optimal controllability of the AeroFlow electric heaters with display or wireless controllers with night-time temperature reduction. The storage of heat by fireclay bricks ensures that the AeroFlow electric heaters are not in continuous operation, but only about 20 minutes per hour after the room has been heated.

The suitability of the AeroFlow electric heaters in terms of room size can be found in the product details. Consulting an energy consultant is recommended as an option.

The amount of your energy costs depends largely on the conditions of your electricity provider and the energy consumption. The more the heating is in operation and the higher the desired temperature, the higher the consumption. See also previous question.
In return, you save on purchase and further costs for maintenance, inspection, chimney sweeps, exhaust gas measurement, etc.

Heaters with a « FlexiComfort » display controller retain the saved comfort settings. The time of day returns to the factory setting (Mondays 12:00 a.m.) after approx. six hours. Models with radio receivers differ in their behavior: Their settings are not saved on the radio receiver on the heater, but on the associated thermostat.

Radio receiver FlexiComfortApp (X3D):

After a power failure, regardless of whether it is due to off-peak electricity or a classic power failure, the radio receiver and thermostat automatically establish a connection. You don’t have to pay attention to anything. The radiator starts heating again immediately if the power failure occurs during a pre-programmed heating time.

FlexiSmart controller:

In the event of a power failure, all settings are retained! Only the time is lost after about 6 to 8 years . The radiator will start heating again immediately if the power failure occurred during a pre-programmed heating time or if the temperature requires heating. The internet module / gateway also saves all settings in the event of a power failure. The heaters do not need to be paired with the internet module again.

Of course, our heaters only contain the storage material fireclay that has been used for a long time in fireplace construction and has been tried and tested.